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It’s an revolutionary solution that will transform Egypt as it not only offers a replacement for gas and electricity it also can be placed at any place in the rural areas which has no connections to main cities and have all the power you need and producing a very high quality fertilizer in which Empower has a patent technology to produce 3 types of fertilizer out of it.

The main benefits of biogas plants are

  • Continues supply of gas and electricity in anywhere as long as there are living creatures producing waste as availability of power is a burden for poultry farms in Egypt
  • Continuous supply of energy all day long
  • Producing a high quality compost after processing the manure used in farming

Zero Waste
This project is based on recycling 100% of the waste in Egypt as current recycling capabilities was on 10 - 45 % of the waste in for of sortable products and compost  and the remaining 55% is transported to a huge dumping areas with high transportation cost and causing environmental problems
What we do differently is that we add a biogas unit to produce power and high quality compost, and we also use the remaining 55% to convert it to a Fuel form called RDF used in Cement manufactory instead of Natural gas as each ton of RDF is Equivalent to 400 cubic meters of natural gas
Processing the sortable materials to be with higher quality as plastics, cartoon and metals so it can be sold with higher price as in he below diagram

This technology uses the entire dry agricultural waste (as  rice straw )  converting them with special Equipment to several types of gas producing electricity , heat  and biochar

Waste water Management
Empower is a partner to Ibes a German company which holds a patent technology in waste water management which convert waste water into irrigation water and even Drinking water
Empower recycles Industrial Gray water and black water so we can always be more efficient in water management.

Zero Waste
Waste water Management
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